WinDivide is a file splitter - encryptor utility that may help you to distribuite or transport your large (...and very large) files among multiple media storage devices or in web packages of suitable dimensions. It presents an intuitive GUI, a quick size selector and an integrated MD5 checksum to warrant the integrity of the rebuilded file. WinDivide can also encrypt files with AES (Rijndael) algorithm so you can use your mass storage devices (USB Pen Drive, CDROM, etc) without any trouble about your data security. For example, you can use WinDivide directly from your USB Pendrive without need for installation or multiple config files: one click to divide/encrypt from office PC... one click to rebuild/decrypt at home !.



You need a Windows OS (any version)... and something to divide !
For the compilation from sourcecode you will need Borland© Delphi and the open source (MIT) package DCPCrypt2 (small size, high quality download).
Only Win32 platform is supported at the moment but application should compile with little changes on Linux Platform (Kylix).


WinDivide is GPL licensed, its source code is available on SF site.


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